Simon wickham-smith - a seventh persimmon

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No matter what this might be considered, Simon Wickham-Smith has impressed and pleased me just as much with this composition as with the starter of the album; Sandokai . This bit is in part reminiscent of Sandokai , in its dreamy beyondness and forceful, laidback urgency, but it shows more variation. There are numerous layers of sound to explore in this listening experience. This love&lamentation composition is one of the most exciting and rewarding pieces of music I’ve traveled in a long, long time. Wickham-Smith ’s CD from Al Margolis ’ POGUS label has been stacked in the urgent pile of music-to-review for a long time – I think at least a year, because life is crammed with to-dos – but when I finally permeate my space and time with this music, I am as defenseless and happy as I feel when browsing the precipes of Lapland on my hikes through the rock deserts in late summer, taking in the treacherous, breathless views of ascensions and descents ahead.
Simon Wickham-Smith ’s music instills a hunger for more of the same, the more you listen. I seldom feel this lust for sound these days, but Wickham-Smith ’s music has awoken that shiver within me, and I wake up out of the sonic landscape, shaking off dust and debris, once again coming to life, growling and snarling like a cranky bear disturbed and angered by wonderfully vicious impulses!

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In 2008, he was one of eight recipients of the PEN Translation Fund Grant from PEN American Center for his translation of the work of O Dashbalbar , and was recognised as a Leading Cultural Worker (Soyolin Terguuni Ajiltan) by the Government of Mongolia for his translation work.

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Simon Wickham-Smith - A Seventh PersimmonSimon Wickham-Smith - A Seventh PersimmonSimon Wickham-Smith - A Seventh PersimmonSimon Wickham-Smith - A Seventh Persimmon