Jawoo & peppelino - signal ep

Yin Yang Records is one of the world’s ‘premier’ techno label’s and home to some of the world’s biggest and best techno producers (such as Pedro Delgardo, Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kaloumenos, Ali Wilson, Wehbba, Reaky, Dj Mika, Dj Preach, Marco G, Christian Fischer, , Rob Mooney, Olivier Giacomotto) ….. Our Genre is TECHNO and we are groundbreaking in the sense that we cross genre’s to every style of Dance Music. You will find DJ’s from all scene’s have the black and white Yin Yang’s in their record boxes.. We are LIGHT and DARK .. We are Yin Yang | read more Artists     WEHBBA   AXEL KARAKASIS   GONCALO M   MLADEN TOMIC   ALI WILSON   PEPPELINO   VELJKO JOVIC   WYRUS   CRISTIAO   ROBERT NATUS   MARCO G   MICHAL POLIAK   MAAE   MIKA   REAKY   MARK EG   MIQUEL   PHIL WALLS   MAT 303   VINCENT MALVILLE   IAGO DE LA VEGA   DOLBY D   JAWOO   GENE KARZ   MASSI PAOLI   MILEX   JEAN AGORIIA   LOX D   BALTHAZAR & JACKROCK   VINCENT HIEST   I’GOR   HELL DRIVER   ROYAL WOLF   SHELTER   ODESSA SOUNDFREAKS   FABIO PILETTO   BENOU   ZZINO   RIVET SPINNERS   ENRIQUE CALVETTY   DIGITAL SESSION   CRIMINISH   LASHES   SOPIK   RICHARD SANTANA   KILLIAN   STEVE SHADEN   AAFONSO   PHUTEK   HP SOURCE   ARKATEC New Release Mark EG : Voice To Life by MARK EG
Release Date: 7th November 2016
Label: Yin Yang
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Nas Up was born and raised in Greece, where he studied music technology & sound engineering at the age of began playing at various clubs, joining many parties and performing as a guest worked as a sound engineer at the greek national Radio in all started at 15/09/2014 when Mantide Records released the Ep “Subjection”,Nas Up’s first Ep together with the Greek artist, Sickfest. The Ep contained 3 dark techno bombs and received positive feedback from legendary names in the techno , it has participated in big events at Trust Radio with guest DJs such as Marc Romboy , Stephan Bodzin , Terence Fixmer , Gregor Tresher , The Hacker , the legendary Zombienation , Spartaque , Marko Fuerstenberg !! Nas Up experiments mostly with dark techno and hard dark electro-minimal sounds. Of course we couldn’t neglect to refer to his big love, progressive house, which accompanied him in his first steps!He has also performed at many internet radio stations around the world ( , Canada , Sweden , Finland , Denmark , Germany , Uk and more) as a guest the time being he has as main fields of occupation the music production and runs his own weekly residency @ Trust Radio